Find out where the wildebeest migration will be when you’re on safari!

A top attraction of the Serengeti is the annual migration of the white bearded wildebeest. To witness the migration of millions of herbivores is truly a once in a lifetime experience – unless you wish to come back again! Many guests do fall in love with the Serengeti and try to return at different times of the year. The wildebeest migration follows the annual rainfall and does a circuit-type migration around the Serengeti. Even when they head up into Kenya for a few weeks in September – October there is nearly always a good time to see the migration. Because the migration does vary slightly year from year, the map below is only a rough guideline of where the migration will be. When you book your safari we will have data from our camps that will help us put you in the best location possible to view the wildebeest action.
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