Many places in Tanzania that ooze romance and we’re in the know about most of them!

We’ve incorporated some solitary activities to allow you a bit of quality time together. We’ve also left this itinerary fairly flexible, as we understand that one couple’s idea of a romantic getaway can be completely different from another couple’s. So whether you’re looking for a serene mountain bike ride together along Serengeti lakefronts or want to relax in the afternoon by a pool with a cool cocktail in hand before setting off on a night drive, this itinerary allows you to have either – or both!

Days 2-4


Depending on when you land we’ll either let you relax in a local safari lodge after we’ve collected you from Kilimanjaro airport or we’ll fly you straight to the Serengeti where you can have your first game drive – the choice is completely yours. Once in the Serengeti you’ll spend your first two nights in a private luxury tent at a private campsite for just the two of you! For star gazers this is the perfect opportunity to check out both hemispheres since you’ll only be around three degrees south of the Equator. You should be able to see a bit of the Big Dipper and Crux – aka the Southern Cross – if you’re lucky! The nights can get very chilly in the Serengeti (perfect for cuddling!), so bring some warm clothing.
During the day you’ll have the chance to see the wildebeest migration and to view the diurnal (active during daylight hours) wildlife such as giraffes, elephants, cheetahs, etc.

Sunrise and sunset game drives are the pinnacle of animal activity and you’ll notice the lions start to come to life and you may even spot the odd leopard lounging in a sausage tree. The colors and intensity of dawn and dusk lighting also lend to magnificent photos, so now’s the time to get the camera ready. Depending on your budget you may also wish to do a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti.

Your last night or two will be in a luxury hotel where you can enjoy a shower and all the luxuries that modern conveniences offer, however even this is flexible. You can always change the comfort level or do more camping – the choice is yours – it’s your romantic getaway!

Days 5-7

 Ngorongoro Crater 

We’ll drive from the Serengeti to Ngorongoro Crater which will allow you more opportunity to view wildlife and, depending on the time of year, possibly the migration. Your nights will be spent in some of the most beautiful lodges in Tanzania with views overlooking Ngorongoro Crater. Depending on tastes and activity levels, you can opt for a casual evening walk along the rim or you might want to relax with a sundowner on your balcony and take it all in. The choice is yours.

The morning starts are early in Ngorongoro Crater as you’ll want to be one of the first people into the park for a truly breathtaking experience. The animal activity is high in the wee hours so there will be good opportunities to snap some great photos. We’ll either take you back in the early afternoon for a gorgeous lunch or we’ll enjoy a picnic lunch in the crater’s basin. The afternoon is up to you – more game driving, a longer hike, a trip to Olduvai Gorge, Lake Eysai or the Masai Village? In any event, we’ll get you back in ample time for your final sundowner overlooking the crater. Did we mention that this is also another ideal cuddle opportunity?

Days 8-10

Lake Manyara

Manyara is a park where you can get out in nature. Here you can do some mountain biking if you wish (we recommend either early morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat of the day). We’ll do some dawn and dusk game drives and then we’ll head to our luxury camp where a romantic dinner for two awaits.  After dessert we’ll head out on a night drive. Night drives show you the side of Tanzania that most people don’t see. You’ll hear different animal calls from the bush and can revel in the solitude of the night (and perhaps indulge in some hand holding?). A night drive is truly a ‘must do’ activity!

Days 11-12


We’ll do some final morning game drives followed by an afternoon hike up Mount Meru. Of course you can also opt to have a nice lie-in on your last day on safari and enjoy a leisurely breakfast at your lodge. There’s also the opportunity for more biking and canoeing for those who are interested. Your final night(s) will be spent in luxury hotels to ensure you end your honeymoon thoroughly relaxed and pampered!

All itineraries can be tailored to include hot air balloon ridesZanzibar trips Kilimanjaro treks or safaris to parks in southern or eastern Tanzania.