Meet our A-Team

At HM Safaris you will find a committed team that is dedicated to help you realise your travel dreams.


As the overall Head of Operations Gideon manages the daily operations of HM Safaris on the ground. He has over 16 years of hands on experience guiding Safari and Mountain tours. His passion for nature and the environment drives him to try and deliver an unforgettable experience to each and every guest. He is multilingual and speaks English, French and basic Italian

Devansh Nanda (Dave)

Dave joins the HM team as a professional with extensive experience focused on business development and marketing. Of Indian decent, Dave originates from Tanzania with a family history here. From an early age he has been passionate about wildlife and the environment with a particular fondness for “Glamping”. Despite being exposed to multiple industries, his heart has always been in working with wildlife and nature. His professionalism and his good humour bring skill and balance to our diverse team.

Travel Co-Ordination & Customer Service

With years of experience and global exposure we bring to you a group of devoted coordinators who will help you in making the choices that suit your needs and budget. At HM Safaris we pride ourselves at striving to deliver value through meticulous planning and attention to detail.

HM Ambassador
Customer Service
Customer Service
Your Dedicated Guides

At HM Safaris we cannot stress the importance of your guide to making your experience a memorable one. Our Safari guides communicate well, in in most cases are multilingual. Not only are they very experienced, they are exceptionally polite, approachable, knowledgeable, professional, attentive and respectful of nature and the environment.

Safari guide

With over 14 years of experience, Edy enjoys going out and spending time on Tours. Serengeti National Park is his favorite and he adores Cheetah’s, especially the sounds of a Cheetah cub and the Kingfisher is his bird of choice.

Safari guide

EMA joins this team bringing over 12 years of experience with him. He is partial to the Ngrongoro Conservation Area (NCCA), which does cover a lot more area than just the Crater. Like all guides he too has his favorites, with Giraffe and Lilac Breasted Roller being his choice. His favorite “sound in the wild” is that of the Hyena

Safari guide

Ennock is partial to Tarangire National Park with the Leopard being his favorite mammal. He speaks English and Spanish and is an integral part of our team. Ennocks favorite Bush Sound is that of the Bush Baby (Galago) and the pin tailed Whydah is his bird of choice

Safari guide
Jeremiahs’ favorite National Park is the Serengeti. He is partial to the African Caracal as his mammal of choice and the African Hoopoe when it comes to birds. He loves the sound Hippos make and relishes the Baobab tree. Jeremiah brings to the team over 16 years of experience
Safari guide
Omary speaks English and French and adds extensive experience to our team. His favorite Park is the Serengeti with the Secretary Bird being his top choice. Lions and their sounds are what Omary is passionate about.

Lodging, vehicle and food

We know that the critical element distinguishing a good safari from an unforgettable one is, without a doubt, the tour guide. The lodging, vehicle and food are also critical, but if the guide is not personable, the safari will not be memorable. 

Guides are always with you

The guides are with you throughout the entire safari and get to know you personally. They’ll soon figure out what your favorite animals are, which scenery interests you most, how much safari driving you want and at what pace. There are no constraints and you’re guaranteed not to end up with a guide who simply flies through the safari in an attempt to cram everything in. We leave those safari guides for the other companies!

Special itinerary

Many of our guests become ‘regulars’ and pay us more than one visit. We’re especially happy when this happens because we already know what their preferences are and can create an extra special itinerary for their return safari. Whether this is your first or fifteenth visit to Tanzania, we guarantee you won’t forget the clean, crisp scent of the arid African breezes, the crimson-orange sunrises over Ngorongoro Crater or the attentive care of your personal safari guide. We know you’ll take some wonderful memories of Africa with you that can sustain you until you’re able to join us again.