Safari vehicles

A reliable safari vehicle is the most critical factor to a great safari.

After the safari guide, a reliable safari vehicle is the most critical factor to a great safari.

A large portion of the time spent on safari is in the safari vehicle, so it’s important that the vehicle be comfortable, safe and provide unobstructed views of the surrounding area. You may find yourself only meters away from a big cat on the hunt. Or, driving along the banks of the mighty Mara River, where you spot a crocodile eyeing a young wildebeest making its way to the opposite side of the river. It stands to reason that you’ll want to break out the binoculars and watch as things unfold. If you don’t have an adequate view or if the thought of sitting in the vehicle for extended periods of time sends shivers down your spine, you definitely are not enjoying your safari to its fullest.

To guarantee quality service and safety, we opt for first rate gear starting from expedition vehicles to camping stuff. The vehicles are serviced regularly to ensure every trip is safe. The safari roads are bumpy throughout the year, and proper care of the vehicles is paramount. Even the most well-maintained vehicles will experience occasional breakdowns or get stuck in muddy conditions. In such cases, we act quickly, and our guides are trained in mechanic repairs. They are also in touch with the head operations office in Arusha, to ensure any issues are quickly resolved.  

5 to 7 seats, ordinary and stretched-safari land cruisers

We use a fleet of 5 to 7 seats, ordinary and stretched-safari land cruisers. With this standard, every safari customer is guaranteed a window seat to make the most of game viewing. Our safari vehicles are fitted with essential accessories including bean bags and inverters for charging your camera/mobile batteries. These safari vehicles are designed for safari, set with pop-up roofs to maximize game viewing and photo opps.

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Safari vehicle features:

  • Our safari vehicles hold up to five or seven people, depending on the model.
  • All seats are window seats, there are no middle seats.
  • All vehicles come with a cooler stocked with bottled water.
  • Many vehicles have a power point for charging camera or laptop batteries.
  • All of our vehicles have reference books on Tanzanian birds, animals and plants.
  • One pair of binoculars per person will be found in the vehicles for your use on safari.
  • Seat warmers with massaging head rests (not really! Just making sure you were paying attention. This is an African Safari after all.)
 For information on planning a safari itinerary and booking, please go to our planning a safari section.