We recommend staying in a combination of lodges and tents for the complete safari experience.

Try the combination

Luxury tented lodges

Luxury tented lodges offer the intimate, private environment of a camping safari with all of the modern conveniences of a lodge. The landscaping in luxury tented lodges is always spectacular, with each tent situated in such a way to provide a secluded, private viewing area for guests. Unlike the tents in private camping, these tents are not mobile. They have been constructed on raised wooden platforms and have been equipped with plumbing which allows for steaming hot showers and indoor toilets. However, these are still tents with canvas walls and mesh windows which let in the sounds of the wilderness – perfect for falling asleep to the sound of hyenas cries and awaking to the roar of lions.

Safari lodges

Safari lodges provide some of the most reliable accommodation for weary travelers seeking relaxation after a long day of hiking, mountain biking or game driving. While some are not as opulent or extravagant as their luxury safari lodge cousins, safari lodge rooms are clean, comfortable and offer all the modern conveniences one would expect in a hotel or lodge including: en suite bathrooms, hot showers, comfortable beds and solid, non canvas walls!